Importer of Record Services for IT hardware, Network security Equipment

, 26/06/2021, 16:44 GMT+7

If you regularly import products containing encryption into Vietnam, you’ve probably encountered problems with obtaining an import license from the national agency cryptography and information security. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the import licensing process in Vietnam taking longer and becoming more and more stringent. The average time to obtain an import license for any product is 10 working days, but hiccups in your paperwork can prolong this process even further. While there aren’t many options to speed up this process, to assist you, we offer the following tips you.

Although certain you may file entries on your own behalf, we recommend you should use the consult from customs broker best the way on the first time.

Those importing shipment for their own use often hire a customs broker, particularly if they find the importing procedures complicated; however, they may make an entry on their own. You wish to consult the professional services of a Customs broker may do so. Customs brokers are licensed by Vietnam Customs.

Remember, even when using a broker, you, the importer of record (IOR), are ultimately responsible for the correctness of the entry documentation presented to Vietnam Customs and all applicable duties, taxes, and fees.

For more specific help and/or information regarding pre-classification of products or licensing, please contact us at

We’d be happy to help make your Vietnam import process smoother.

There are above some tips to help avoid any further delays. The handling of shipment can be complex and can have a huge impact if you don't clearly understand processing.